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De Gruyter

Philosophy at De Gruyter is a 100-year-old tradition that covers a wide range of outstanding publications across every philosophical discipline from antiquity to the present day. Our ever-expanding portfolio includes monographs, edited volumes, critical editions, reference works, journals, textbooks, and databases. Our emphasis is on the history of philosophy, ethics, and political philosophy, though we have recently expanded our offerings in theoretical and analytic philosophy. Our broad, one-of-a-kind portfolio brings together Continental and Anglo traditions.

Philosophers of Technology

Stig Børsen Hansen

De Gruyter (2020)

Salomon Maimon‘s Theory of Invention

Idit Chikurel

De Gruyter (2020)

Fault-Tracing: Against Quine-Duhem

Sam Mitchell

De Gruyter (2020)

Zeiteinteilung (Maximen) I und II

Kurt Gödel & Eva-Maria Engelen (ed.)

De Gruyter (2020)

New Approaches to Scientific Realism

Wenceslao J. Gonzalez (ed.)

De Gruyter (2020)

Understanding Physicalism

Gregor M. Hörzer

De Gruyter (2020)

Idealism, Relativism, and Realism

Dominik Finkelde et al. (eds.)

De Gruyter (2020)

The Realm of Facts

Nicholas Rescher

De Gruyter (2020)

Correspondence (1882–1910)

Willam James et al. & Riccardo Martinelli (ed.)

De Gruyter (2020)

Thomas J. Hickey, Publisher

This concise and accessible book is a synthesis of the basic principles of the contemporary realistic neopragmatist philosophy of science. It discusses the aim of basic science, the methods of scientific discovery, the criteria for scientific criticism, and the nature of scientific explanation. Included is a description of a newly emergent specialty called computational philosophy of science, in which computerized discovery systems create and test new scientific theories.It also examines the essentials of the underlying realistic neopragmatist philosophy of language that has made philosophy of science a coherent and analytical discipline, and that has given new meaning to such key terms as "theory", "observation" and "explanation".

Twentieth-Century Philosophy of Science

Thomas J. Hickey

Thomas J. Hickey, Publisher (2016)


Social Sciences & Humanities Open

Carley-Jane Stanton, Managing Editor

Elsevier (2020)

Studies in History and Philosophy of Science

Darrell Rowbottom, Editor-in-Chief

Elsevier (2020)

University of Chicago Press, Books

Welcome to the University of Chicago Press‘s virtual book exhibit. The Books Division of the University of Chicago Press has been publishing books for scholars, students, and general readers since 1892. The Books Division has published more than eleven thousand books since the Press was founded. It has more than five thousand books in print at the present time, including such well-known works as The Chicago Manual of Style; The Structure of Scientific Revolutions, by Thomas Kuhn; A River Runs Through It, by Norman Maclean; and The Road to Serfdom, by F. A. Hayek.

When Maps Become the World

Rasmus Grønfeldt Winther

University of Chicago Press, Books (2020)

The Third Lens: Metaphor and the Creation of Modern Cell Biology

Andrew S. Reynolds

University of Chicago Press, Books (2018)

The Moral Meaning of Nature: Nietzsche's Darwinian Religion and Its Critics

Peter J. Woodford

University of Chicago Press, Books (2018)

The Ascent of Affect: Genealogy and Critique

Ruth Leys

University of Chicago Press, Books (2017)

Idealization and the Aims of Science

Angela Potochnik

University of Chicago Press, Books (2017)

Data-Centric Biology: A Philosophical Study

Sabina Leonelli

University of Chicago Press, Books (2016)

University of Chicago Press, Journals

We are honored to publish Philosophy of Science on behalf of the Philosophy of Science Association.The University of Chicago Press publishes more than 80 scholarly journals that cover a wide range of disciplines, from the humanities and the social sciences to the life and physical sciences. In addition to working with departments and faculty of the University of Chicago, the University of Chicago Press publishes influential scholarly journals on behalf of learned and professional societies and associations, foundations, museums, and other not-for-profit organizations. All are peer-reviewed publications, with readerships that include scholars, scientists, and practitioners, as well as other interested, educated individuals. With its roots firmly in the academy, the University of Chicago Press Journals Division continues to recognize the importance of the dissemination of significant research among scholars. By expanding our reach to connect with intellectually engaged audiences across a variety of platforms and throughout academia and beyond, we look to lead the way into the future of scholarly publishing.

Philosophy of Science

Andrea Woody, Editor-in-Chief

University of Chicago Press, Journals (2020)

The British Journal for the Philosophy of Science

Wendy Parker & Robert Rupert, Editors-in-Chief

University of Chicago Press, Journals (2020)

History of Humanities

Editors: Rens Bod, Julia Kursell, Jaap Maat, Thijs Weststeijn

University of Chicago Press, Journals (2020)


Lydia Patton, Editor

University of Chicago Press, Journals (2020)

The Idea of Hegel‘s "Science of Logic

Stanley Rosen

University of Chicago Press, Journals (2014)

Torture and Dignity: An Essay on Moral Injury

J. M. Bernstein

University of Chicago Press, Journals (2015)

Geschlecht III: Sex, Race, Nation, Humanity

Jacques Derrida

University of Chicago Press, Journals (2020)

The Pocket Stoic

John Sellars

University of Chicago Press, Journals (2020)