Call for Syllabi | PSA International Syllabus Repository and Prize

“Teaching Philosophy of Science in the World”
PSA International Syllabus Repository and Prize
Call for syllabi
The Philosophy of Science Association invites submissions of course syllabi that showcase effective and creative teaching of the philosophy of science that reaches beyond the Anglophone mainstream. We are seeking to build a library of new ideas and good practices from around the world that will help those who are trying to internationalize the subject and introduce it to new audiences. All submissions that meet the eligibility criteria below will be made available on the syllabus repository that can be accessed freely via the PSA website.
Any members of the PSA may make a submission; non-members wishing to submit an entry are encouraged to apply for membership through the PSA’s Sponsor-a-Scholar program, if they have financial need. Entries may be syllabi of courses specifying a schedule of sessions and reading lists, or descriptions of learning activities that do not fit the traditional notion of “course.” Teaching plans at any level from secondary school to PhD programs are eligible. Entries must refer to courses or other activities that have already run at least once. They can be in any language (or mix of languages), but for an entry that is not in English, please submit an English translation alongside the original version. Submissions will be reviewed by the PSA International Relations Committee, consulting appropriate external experts as needed.
Innovations displayed by courses may include:
  • Crafting of learning activities that adapt traditional issues in the philosophy of science to the sensibilities and conditions of the countries and communities in which the course is taught;
  • Selection (or creation) of teaching materials (print or online) with the same purpose;
  • Comparative study or synthesis of traditions of philosophy of science from different parts of the world, or from different languages, cultures, or religions;
  • Application of insights from various non-Anglophone and non-analytic traditions of philosophy to the philosophy of science;
  • Critical examination of the legacies of colonialism and other aspects of international and intercultural politics in the philosophy of science;
  • Philosophical examination of interactions between European-origin science (and technology and medicine) and non-European traditions of knowledge;
  • Productive combination of mainstream English-language sources with non-English sources.
All entries will be considered for an annual prize to be awarded at the biennial PSA conference or at a separate online event, where the prize-winner(s) will be invited to discuss the content of the winning entry. The prize will also carry a cash award of USD 500.
Entries may be submitted at any time to the Chair of the PSA International Relations Committee, Prof. Hasok Chang, University of Cambridge, by e-mail to <>. The deadline for submission of syllabi to be considered for the 2022 prize is 15 July 2022. Entries submitted after that date will be considered for the 2023 competition.