Call for Expressions of Interest for the role of Editor-in-Chief, Philosophy of Science  

Call for Expressions of Interest for the role of Editor-in-Chief, Philosophy of  Science  

The Governing Board of the Philosophy of Science Association invites expressions of  interest (EoI) for the position of Editor-in-Chief of the Association’s journal, Philosophy  of Science. The editorship will start with effect on 1 July 2023 at the end of the term for the current Editor — Professor Andrea Woody. 
Founded in 1934, Philosophy of Science is currently published by Cambridge University Press. The Editor-in-Chief of Philosophy of Science works with the  Associate Editors and Editorial Board in selecting manuscripts for publication in  Philosophy of Science, supervising the Philosophy of Science editorial office, and editing the journal’s regular issues. The Editor-in-Chief must hold a tenured academic appointment, have a distinguished research record in philosophy of science, and be capable of collegial and prompt interaction with contributors. Further, the Editor-in-Chief should be affiliated with an institution able to join the Philosophy of Science Association in providing material and financial support for the Philosophy of Science editorial office.  

Expressions of Interest and deadlines 

Expressions of Interest (EoI) for the Editor-in-Chief of Philosophy of Science should  briefly summarize (max 2-page of A4): 

* The nominee’s academic qualifications for the editorship
* Details of the nominee’s institutional support for hosting the journal 
* A brief description of the nominee’s strategic vision for the future of the journal. 

The deadline for receiving the EoI is 22 June 2022.  

The shortlisted candidates will be invited to submit a full application by 20 September 2022. The Search Committee aims to make recommendations to the PSA Governing Board for a new Editor by the time of the Biennial Meeting in Pittsburgh 10-13 November 2022. The final decision lies with the PSA Governing Board. 

The Search Committee appointed by President John Dupré consists of the following colleagues: Michela Massimi (Chair of the Committee), Anjan Chakravartty, Max  Cormendy (PSA Executive Director), Doreen Fraser, Jun Otsuka, Dan Weiskopf. 

Please submit nominations by email attachment to Max Cormendy, PSA Executive Director,