Meeting Update

Dear PSA Members,

I hope you are all staying well and continuing to deal with the difficulties presented by the global pandemic. 

As you may imagine, the management of the PSA has been struggling to decide on how to proceed with PSA 2021, the already postponed PSA 2020. In particular we have been considering whether it might be possible to move to a fully online format. As our experience over the last year and a half has shown, online meetings are not without advantages. Apart from the obvious benefits for the safety of attendees, online formats have greatly increased potential access to many events. 

Nonetheless, our recent survey of PSA members has made it clear that a large majority of members greatly value the opportunities for social and professional interaction only afforded by a meeting in person. Moreover, cancelling the in-person meeting will expose the PSA to heavy financial penalties that would seriously reduce our ability to fund programs such as travel grants, dependent care and so on for future meetings.

We have decided, therefore, that all things considered the best plan is to continue preparing for an in person meeting in Baltimore this coming November 11-14, and the program for this meeting is now being circulated. The program shows three types of sessions: in person, hybrid and remote. Hybrid sessions allow for some in-person speakers and some remote speakers, but not remote attendance. Remote sessions are 100% online and therefore can be attended remotely. We are working on moving some additional events online, and details will be circulated as soon as possible. No solution is ideal, but we are convinced that this is the best compromise available between the various conflicting factors. Of course, the situation is subject to change, and circumstances may force us to revise these plans. We will keep you updated on any developments. 

One option that is no longer feasible is a further postponement, as we are already beginning to plan for the 2022 meeting in Pittsburgh (November 10-13). A call for papers for the Pittsburgh meeting, which we also assume will be in person, will be circulated in the next few weeks.

With very best wishes,

John Dupré



PSA 2021 Program

The PSA 2021 Program is now available! We are extremely grateful for Angela Potochnik’s seemingly infinite work in creating such a robust program.

Moderate a Session

Moderating or chairing a session is crucial for the success of PSA 2021. Review sessions and volunteer to become a moderator.

Reserve Your Hotel Room

PSA 2021 will be hosted at the Hilton Baltimore Inner Harbor. The PSA has negotiated a room rate of USD 150/night. See more information about hotel arrangements on the meeting website.

PSA Guidelines for COVID-Safe Behavior

We recently updated our COVID guidelines for the meeting to require all participants to be fully vaccinated, unless prevented from doing so by a pre-existing medical condition. Read the rest of the guidelines.

Soon to Be Announced...

We will soon be opening registration, announcing grant opportunities, and more. Updates will be communicated via email, social media, and posted on our website.