UPSS Session Announcement

UPSS Initiative

We are pleased to announce the speakers selected for the inaugural UPSS Session at the 2021 PSA Biennial Meeting:

  • Azita Chellappoo, "The New ‘Biosocial’ Race: Local and Global Challenges for Race in Postgenomics"
  • Federica Bocchi, "Biodiversity vs. Paleodiversity Measurements: the Incommensurability Problem"
  • Jingyi Wu, "Epistemic Advantage on the Margin: a Network Standpoint Epistemology"

The UPSS Symposium Session is part of the PSA's Underrepresented Philosophy of Science Scholars Initiative . All mentees participating in the UPSS Mentoring Program are eligible to submit an abstract for consideration. There are currently over 80 mentees around the world participating in this mentoring program. We are particularly grateful to all the UPSS mentors who have been guiding the mentees through their research projects and other aspects of their professional development.

We received many more excellent submissions than we were able to accept, and are grateful to Kareem Khalifa, Soazig Le Bihan, and Anjan Chakravartty who refereed all the blind submissions. The core mission of the PSA Underrepresented Philosophy of Science Scholars (UPSS) Initiative is to mentor students and junior faculty from underrepresented groups and to design and implement programs to help address the problem of underrepresentation in philosophy of science. If you are interested in supporting the UPSS Initiatives, please donate.

Once the 2021 PSA Biennial Meeting program is released, please be sure to mark your calendars and join us for this exciting UPSS Session—we look forward to seeing you there!