Charge: The committee serves a term of two years and is responsible for deciding the PSA Early-Career Scholar Essay Award and the PSA Graduate Student Essay Award. Click here to read more about these awards.

How Members are Selected:The PSA Lectures and Awards Committee is constituted via invitation by the Association's President and must include at least one member of the PSA Governing Board and up to five additional senior members of the Association.


2017-2018: Edouard Machery (Chair), James Justus, Kareem Khalifa, Charlotte Werndl

2015-2016: Laura Ruetsche (Chair), Anjan Chakravartty, Peter Godfrey-Smith, Elaine Landry, and Alison Wylie

2013-2014: James Woodward (Chair), Lindley Darden, Stephan Hartmann, and Alan Richardson