The PSA is helping to facilitate the organization of interest group lunches. Any attendee at PSA2014 is welcome to sign up for and attend a meal. The PSA is not subsidizing the meals, but simply helping to facilitate their organization. Each attendee at the meals will be responsible for paying for her or his own meal. Below is a list and description of the topics for each of the Interest Group Meals.

Online signup is now closed, but you can still sign up at registration.

Friday, November 7, 12-1:15: Topics and Locations

Diversifying Philosophy of Biology Syllabi: 

How to incorporate current biology, as well as a more diverse array of subject matter.

Host: Anya Plutynski

Dao Thai, 230 E Ohio St
Chicago, IL 60611
(312) 337-0000

 History and Philosophy of Chemistry

Hosts: Julia Bursten and Michael Weisberg

Mity Nice Grill
Water Tower Place 835 N. Michigan Avenue Mezzanine Level
Chicago, IL 60611

Teaching Philosophy of Science: Mission Impossible 

A typical philosophy of science course must: (1) cover a historical timeline that stretches from Aristotle to ENCODE; (2) represent a handful of sciences; (3) teach logical empiricism to science students with little philosophy and teach the EPR correlations to philosophy students with little science; and (4) find the time to say something about Kuhn, SSK, and feminism. How do we do it? How should we do it? Please join us and share your hard-earned wisdom.

Host: Alexandra Bradner

Bar Toma
110 E Pearson St
Chicago, IL 60611
(312) 266-3110

What is an Explanation?

Explanations serve as affordances for something next. Sometimes that next is an action; sometimes it is a prediction. What accounts for the difference? Our underlying perspectives seem to make a huge difference in our acceptance of any particular explanation as explanatory. Through the concept of explanation can scientific realism and pragmatic constructivism be reconciled?

Host: Michael Lissack

Sayat Nova
157 East Ohio Street
Chicago, IL 60611
(312) 644-9159 

 Saturday, November 8, 12-1:15: Topics and Locations

Philosophy of Medicine

A discussion of the relationship between philosophy of medicine and philosophy of science, including what the relationship is now and what it should be.

Host: Sean Valles

Baisi Thai
900 N. Michigan Ave.
(This is one of the shops inside the 900 N. Michigan Ave. skyscraper, right across from the hotel)

The Nature of Explanation in Psychiatry

The aim of this lunch is to discuss the relevance of topics in philosophy of psychiatry to other branches of the discipline, especially to general debates over the nature of explanation and causation; to emerging methods being studied by philosophers of cognitive and neuroscience; to issues about taxonomy and natural kinds studied in philosophy of biology; and to investigations of consciousness, rationality and self-hood by philosophers of mind. We welcome both philosophers of psychiatry and those in allied fields who are interested in thinking about how their objects of study may be relevant to psychiatry, or to philosophy of medicine more broadly.

Hosts: Serife Tekin and KathrynTabb

Dao Thai
230 E. Ohio St 

History and Philosophy of Technoscience

With computational modeling and data-intensive research two topics have established themselves that raise systematic questions regarding the role of research technologies for validation, explanation and prediction, understanding. The lunch will be dedicated to an informal review of these and related topics at the Chicago meeting and in what direction they might take philosophical discussions.

Hosts: Alfred Nordmann and Bernadette Bensaude-Vincent

Big Bowl-Cedar
6 E. Cedar
Chicago, IL 60611
(Cross Street: Cedar & State)
(312) 640-8888