Childcare/Nursing Mothers Room: Waveland, on the 5th level, has been designated as a childcare/nursing mothers room for the duration of the meeting. There will be a section of the room screened off for more privacy.

Family Activities: Nick Huggett (PSA's liaison on the Local Arrangements Committee) has prepared a Guide to Chicago that highlights local attractions, events, and resources that might be of interest to those attending the meetings with children. Thanks so much to Nick! Click here to view the Local Guide to Chicago. In addition, there is a playground a few blocks from the hotel: Seneca Playlot Park at 220 E Chicago Ave (right across the street from the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago). The hotel also has a list of things to do in Chicago, some of which might be of interest to attendees with children:

Childcare Services: The PSA provides the following links to childcare services in the Chicago area. These links are provided only for informational purposes; no endorsement is intended.

American Child Care – 312-644-7300

Sitters Studio – 312-890-8194

Attendees are also encouraged check with local daycares, particularly those affiliated with national chains, as they may have openings for drop-in care on weekdays.