The PSA Women's Caucus is pleased to announce the new Women's Caucus Prize Symposium (WCPS). The WCPS is an opportunity to highlight scholarship that either a) has strong female membership, b) focuses on work by female philosophers of science, or c) addresses topics of special interest to the Women's Caucus.

During the standard symposium submission process for PSA2016, you will be given the option to simultaneously submit your symposium for consideration for this prize. To submit your symposium as a candidate for the WCPS, simply select "Yes" in the drop-down menu item titled "Women's Caucus Prize Symposium" on the PSA symposium submission page. All other requirements for symposium preparation and submission follow the PSA Symposium announcement requirements, which can be found here:

The WCPS selection process will be separate from that of the PSA Program Committee. The WCPS selection committee will evaluate submissions for the criteria listed above. Other considerations will include the general quality of the symposium and the abstracts submitted. The papers in the WCPS are eligible to be considered for publication in Philosophy of Science. The chosen symposium will be highlighted in the PSA program and scheduled immediately following the PSA Women's Caucus breakfast, allowing the membership to attend en masse.