Dear Members of PSA,

I am delighted to announce that Andrea Woody will be the next editor-in-chief of Philosophy of Science. Andrea is Department Chair and Associate Professor of Philosophy at the University of Washington. She also holds adjunct positions in History; in Dance; and in Gender, Women, & Sexuality Studies.

Andrea received her PhD in History and Philosophy of Science from the University of Pittsburgh. She specializes in the philosophy and history of modern physical theory and chemistry. Her research is aimed at developing theories of explanation, representation, and modeling. She has interests in environmental ethics, epistemology from feminist and social perspectives, and philosophy of art. She has co-edited volume 6, Philosophy of Chemistry, of the Handbook of the Philosophy of Science (with Robin Findlay Hendry and Paul Needham) and published numerous articles in her area of specialization. She has also published articles on science education.

Andrea brings a breadth of expertise and expansive interests in philosophy of science to the journal. She also has considerable administrative and editorial experience. She was a member of the organizing committee of the Society for the Philosophy of Science in Practice and has served on the program committee five times. Perhaps most relevant was her service as PSA Program Chair for the 2012 Biennial Meeting and her subsequent editorship of two volumes of Proceedings. Andrea has served as an Associate Editor of Philosophy of Science since 2012 and has been elected to numerous professional society boards including the PSA Governing Board (2008 and 2010). Andrea’s five-year term as Editor-in-Chief will start July 1, 2017. She says that she “looks forward both to continuing the excellent work done by Jeff Barrett [the current editor] and to ensuring that the journal represents the very best work being done across the full spectrum of contemporary philosophy of science."

Jeff Barrett has been Editor-in-Chief of Philosophy of Science since 2009. He was appointed to a regular five-year term, and then reappointed for a second term of three years (the length of the term was his choice). Jeff has done a wonderful job editing the journal. His accomplishments include instituting a new associate editor structure and reducing the mean time from submission to first decision to a quick 44 days! Jeff set up the editorial office to facilitate the work of the Biennial Program Chair who edits the Proceedings, which are published as special editions of the journal. He has also brought transparency to the operations of the editorial office in numerous ways, including holding informational sessions at our biennial meetings. Although many of us question the meaningfulness of quantitative measures of impact, I will mention that the journal’s measures relative to similar journals have increased dramatically since Jeff took over. And the number of submissions has also significantly increased. PSA owes a great debt to Jeff for his excellent work.

Speaking of transparency, let me briefly describe the search process for Editor-in-Chief. The President of PSA appoints a search committee. I selected Miriam Solomon (chair), Michela Massimi, Jessica Pfeifer, Elliott Sober, and Kevin Zollman. The Governing Board set out criteria for making a final decision and later made the final decision based on these criteria. The search committee did everything between. Notices of the posting and application instructions were widely posted. The search committee identified and contacted numerous PSA members to encourage nominations and applications. We received a good number of strong applications, and the search committee named several finalists and invited them to prepare full proposals that addressed issues related to the criteria set by the Governing Board. These included home institution support, editorial practices, and strategies for encouraging submissions that represent a breadth of topics and approaches as well as maintaining the high quality of the journal’s articles. The Search Committee discussed and reviewed the proposals and sent all the proposals and a detailed review to the Governing Board. The proposals were strong, and I would like to recognize the work that went into preparing them. Our profession has a strong group of potential editors. The Board reviewed and discussed the proposals and the search committee’s review, and then chose Andrea to be the next Editor-in-Chief.

I would like to express my appreciation to all of those who participated in the process, including our Executive Director, Jessica Pfeifer, members of the search committee and Governing Board, and the candidates who put in considerable effort in their applications and proposals. And, of course, I would like to express my thanks to Andrea Woody! 


Ken Waters 

C. Kenneth Waters
President, Philosophy of Science Association
Canada Research Chair in Logic and Philosophy of Science
University of Calgary

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