Newsletter 02-2015

1. Philosophy of Science in Portugal and Denmark
   In the section 'Philosophy of Science in Europe' we ask scholars to
   fill in a questionnaire about the situation in their country for
   philosophy, especially philosophy of science. In this issue:
   Portugal and Denmark.

2. Spotlight on the Centre for Logic and Philosophy of Science (CLPS)
   In the section 'Spotlight on Research' we take a closer look at a
   European research institute. In this issue: the Centre for Logic and
   Philosophy of Science (CLPS).

3. Science meets Philosophy: Steven Hyman
   In the section 'Science meets Philosophy' a scientist is invited to
   muse on the impact of philosophy on his or her discipline. In this
   issue: the American neurobiologist Steven Hyman.

4. EPSA News and Announcements <>
   In the section "EPSA News and Announcements" we give a short
   overview regarding the newest issues about philosophy of science.

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