We welcome the following new visitors to LSE Philosophy this term:

Marius Backmann, Jacob Bjorheim, Thomas Ferretti, Katherine Furman, Michael Hunter, Hiroyuki Kano, Réka Markovich, Johanna Privitera, Martin Zach and Vojtěch Zachník.

We renew our welcome to our continuing visitors:

Ulf Dahlsten, Roberto Fumagalli, Catherine Greene, Stephan Guettinger, Mikael Klintman, Joe Mazor, Anselm Spindler, Mike Stuart  and Ya-nan Wang.

And we welcome our Ludwig M. Lachmann Research Fellows:

Professor Matthew D. Adler and Professor Daniel M. Hausman.



- Otávio Bueno and Alisa Bokulich are among the speakers at the Sigma Club lecture series on philosophy of physics

- Owen Griffiths, Adrian Boutel and Graham Oddie will give this term's Popper Seminar

- Alison Fernandes, Thomas Ferretti and Remco Heesen will be speaking at the Choice Group lecture series on decision and social choice theory

- Eleanor Knox and Simon Saunders will present this term's British Society for the Philosophy of Science Lecture

- Matthew Ratcliffe and Emily Thomas will appear at the Forum

** Events


Quantum Investigations: A Conference in Honour of Miklós Rédei

On 27 October this workshop will bring together philosophers and physicists inspired by the work of Miklós Rédei to discuss new work on the foundations of quantum physics.

Talks from Balázs and Zalán Gyenis, Giovanni Valente, László Szabó and Márton Gömöri, Kasia Rejzner, Bryan W. Roberts, Charlotte Werndl, Klaus Fredenhagen, Gábor Hofer-Szabó, and – of course – Miklós Rédei himself.

Further information available on the conference website.

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** Interested in visiting us?

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