The Division for Logic Methodology and Philosophy of Science of the International Union for History and Philosophy of Science encourages submission of symposia proposals (deadline 31 January 2017) and individual papers (deadline 30 March 2017) for the World Humanities Conference in Liege.

Humanities have been a main structuring dimension of knowledge and understanding of societies throughout time, allowing to approach complexity, rendering time and causal dimensions to features or making sense of processes. Actually, the divide between the Humanities and other knowledge clusters (e.g. natural sciences or technologies) is a recent feature. One of the first initiatives undertaken in the framework of UNESCO, soon after World War II, was the establishment of the International Council for the Philosophy and Humanistic Studies, in January 1949. Yet, Humanities lost ground in the most recent decades, while global acceleration led societies to focus on short term issues rather than on foresight and mid to long term concerns.
Four several dimensions are to be considered when attempting to resume a central role for the Humanities in contemporary society, namely their epistemological framework, their institutional networking, the scope of Humanities concerns in daily life of societies and their relations to the arts and education. It is within these concerns that the World Humanities’ Conference will be organised, by CIPSH, UNESCO and Liège Together partners, in August 2017.

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