Coming up in Summer Term 2016:


Visiting LSE Philosophy this term are Nicholas Baigent, Eric Brandstedt, Irene Bucelli, Tian Yu Cao, Ulf Dahlsten, Maxime Desmarais-Tremblay, Ulle Endriss, Alexander Krauss, Deborah G. Mayo, Heinrich Nax, Torsten Nies, Thomas Seiler, Maria Serban and Shambhavi Shankar. 


* Michael Redhead, Richard Sorabji and Sebastian de Haro are among the speakers at the Sigma Club lecture series on philosophy of physics: 
* Deborah G. Mayo and Niko Kolodny will give this term's Popper Seminars: 
* Michael Morreau, Wlodek Rabinowicz and Geoff Brennan will be speaking at the Choice Group lecture series on decision and social choice theory: 
* J. McKenzie Alexander, Allen Buchanan, Catherine Wilson and Jonathan Birch will be appearing at the Forum: list/ 

Conferences and Events 

Lakatos Award Lectures (
Public lectures from the joint-winners of the 2014 Lakatos Award, Gordon Belot and David Malament. 

Auguste Comte Memorial Lecture ( omte-memorial-lecture/
Is the state's limiting of our personal freedoms a problem? If so, argues Niko Kolody, this problem has more to do with equality than with freedom. 

Society for the History of Recent Social Science Conference 2016 (
This two-day conference will bring together researchers working on the history of post-World War II social science, including Craig Calhoun, Philippe Fontaine, Jamie Cohen-Cole and Jeff Pooley. 

18th UK and European Conference on Foundations of Physics (
This conference is devoted to all foundational aspects of modern physics, and it also intends to create a forum for dialogue between physicists and philosophers of physics. Invited speakers are Richard Dawid and Carlo Rovelli. 

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