The Philosophy of Science Association is happy to announce the winners of the 2013 PSA Essay Awards. The awards will be presented at PSA 2014 in Chicago, and each recipient will receive a prize of $250. Congratulations to both award recipients!

Naftali Weinberger


The 2013 PSA Graduate Student Essay Award winner is Naftali Weinberger from the University of Wisconsin, Madison, for "If Intelligence is a Cause, it is a Within-Subjects Cause."


Charles Rathkopf


The 2013 PSA Recent Ph.D. Essay Award winner is Charles Rathkopf for "Localization and Intrinsic Function," Philosophy of Science, 80, 2013, 1-21.



The awards were decided by the PSA Lectures and Awards Committee, consisting of James Woodward (Chair), Lindley Darden, Stephan Hartmann, and Alan Richardson. Thanks to the committee members for their hard work. The success of the PSA depends on the generosity of such people who are willing to offer their time and expertise.

The financial support for these awards has been made possible by the generosity of past presidents of the PSA and through donations from PSA members.