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Finally, I am happy to report that this first electronic PSA election was a success. At the election's beginning there were 737 Full Members of the PSA. 282, or 38%, of these voted electronically in response to email solicitations. I extend a special thanks to those many PSA members who voted. While we do not have turn-out rates from previous elections, it is worth noting that the absolute number of voters in this most recent election is a nearly 28% increase over the 221 members who voted in the previous election. Overall the 2008 PSA Election ran very smoothly, due in large part to the experience and dedication of Jay Malone and his staff at the History of Science Society. If you are a PSA Full Member and you encountered problems in voting electronically, however, or if you have any other comments, questions, or concerns about the 2008 PSA Election, please contact me.