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Event Web Site: http://www.clarity-support.co.uk/DCGMM.htm

Event Start Date: 09/22/2010

Event End Date: 09/23/2010

Registration Deadline: 09/13/2010

A conference in memory of David C. Gooding's contribution to the understanding of science will be held. In recognition of his many contributions, papers will be given by speakers who knew David and by those whose work reflects his spirit of creative inquiry into the nature and practices of science.

David Gooding (1947-2009) received his Ph.D. in Philosophy of Science from Oxford University. But his many contributions transcend any easy disciplinary boundaries. His papers and books in the history of science, philosophy of science, cognitive science, and the social studies of science brought new awareness of the nature and sources of Michael Faraday's work, and, more generally, of the role of experimentation and visualization in theory development in science. His methodological approaches pioneered and extended the use of diagrammatic representations of scientific thinking, the computer simulation of scientific thinking, and revivified historical, historical-cognitive, and philosophical approaches.

We believe a conference that celebrates and extends knowledge of scientific thinking is the best memorial for this outstanding scholar and thinker. Please join us.

For further details, contact the conference organizers, Frank A.J.L. James and Ryan D. Tweney, or visit the website