On December 31, 2011, the terms of two of the eight members of the current PSA Governing Board -- Nancy Nersessian and Andrea Woody -- came to an end, as did the terms of the three members of the PSA Nominating Committee: Margaret Morrison, C. Kenneth Waters, and Alison Wylie. In this, its 2011 Election, the PSA will elect two members of its Governing Board, each to serve a four-year term through December 31, 2015, and three members of its Nominating Committee, each to serve a two-year term ending December 31, 2013.

Per PSA By-Laws (Art. IV, §§5, 7), nominations to run for the PSA Governing Board or the PSA Nominating Committee may be made jointly by any fifteen or more full members of the PSA. Accordingly, the PSA Nominating Committee solicits nominations from the PSA membership for the PSA Governing Board. Nominations for PSA Governing Board should be submitted by e-mail to Margaret Morrison. In addition, the PSA Governing Board solicits nominations from the PSA membership for the PSA Nominating Committee. Nominations for the PSA Nominating Committee should be submitted by email to Gary Hardcastle (ghardcas at bloomu.edu).

Nominations for either position from any fifteen Full members of the PSA will appear on the ballot of the 2011 PSA Election, provided they are received by February 14, 2012.

PSA members are reminded that only Full or retired Full (as opposed to Student or Associate) members of the PSA are eligible to run for PSA office, nominate candidates for PSA office, and vote in PSA elections. Full members of the PSA are PSA members with "a doctoral degree or its equivalent in any philosophical or scientific field, in the broadest sense of those terms; a professional position (assistant professorship or above, or the equivalent) in any of these fields; [or] a professional research position in any of these fields" (PSA By-Laws, Art. II, §2). In addition, PSA members are reminded that PSA Governing Board members may not serve two consecutive terms.