PSA Newsletter: Vol. 2 No. 2: May 1996

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  2. Donald T. Campbell, 1916-1996
  3. PSA96 Preliminary Program
  4. New Executive Secretary
  5. 1995 PSA Election Results
  6. Inventory Reduction Sale: PSA Proceedings
  7. Rockefeller Archive Center Grants
  8. European Bioethics Seminar

Subject: 1. EDITOR'S NOTE:

The PSA Newsletter is published electronically on an "as needed" basis by the Philosophy of Science Association to disseminate information. The newsletter is moderated and is restricted to information pertinent to members of the Association (e.g., official business of the Association, information about upcoming meetings of the Association, and information about other meetings likely to be of interest to a broad range of the membership. It is NOT intended for ungoing discussions of intellectual topics within philosophy of science. If you have information that you would like to submit for possible inclusion in a future issue of the newsletter, please send it to the editor at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Directions for subscribing and unsubscribing: Send an email message with NO subject to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. To subscribe, include the following as the ONLY line: SUBSCRIBE PSA <your name> To unsubscribe, include the following as the ONLY line: UNSUBSCRIBE PSA

This is the first newsletter in quite a while. The reason is simple: I publish only when people send us news. So if you do not receive a newsletter for some time, the most likely reason is that no one has sent me any news that that is appropriate for distributing to the membership.

2. Donald T. Campbell, 1916-1996

[The following notice of the death of Donald Campbell was prepared by Mark Bickhard of Lehigh. As Editor, I simply want to note as well that Don was a great friend of philosophy of science, and of many of us in the profession. He supported and challenged many of us individually, and he is responsible for bringing many of us together with our colleagues in other science studies disciplines. As Mark concludes, he is deeply missed. There will no doubt be several funds set up in his memory, but one I know of now is a student research fund at Lehigh University. Contributions can be sent to Dr. Judy Lasker, Department of Sociology and Anthropology, Price Hall, Lehigh University, Bethlehem, PA 18015]

Professor Donald T. Campbell 1916 - 1996
Lehigh University

Donald T. Campbell, 79, died May 6, 1996, of complications after surgery. Don had retired in 1994 as professor of Psychology and of Sociology and Anthropology at Lehigh University, Bethlehem, Pa., but continued active on campus and in his writing until his death. He encouraged and inspired everyone with his intellectual energy and enormous interdisciplinary breadth and depth.

Don's career was astounding. He was a member of the National Academy of Sciences since 1973; President of the American Psychological Association in 1973; member of the American Philosophical Society since 1993; and recipient of awards and honorary degrees far too numerous to list here. He authored more than 250 articles.

Don's work is best known in Philosophy for his development of evolutionary epistemology, an approach to epistemology applicable at all biological, psychological, and social levels. He is, moreover, considered to be one of the most influential social psychologists of the last half century. Don, however, called himself a "dabbler" as he roamed the fields of philosophy, psychology, sociology, education, and anthropology. His most recent work was in the sociology of science, focusing on what he called the sociology of scientific validity, and the philosophy of science. Among many as yet unfinished collaborations are an extension of his notion of downward causation, and an extensive argument that variation and selection is a general and useful form of explanation not limited to biological evolution or epistemology.

Don was a genius. But his heart was even larger than his intellect. He was caring and unpretentious. He encouraged and mentored people all over the world. He was a good friend and a good human being. He is deeply missed.

3. PSA96 Preliminary Program

The PSA96 Preliminary Program may be viewed by going to the following Web site and clicking on the PSA96 button. Please note the date of the version you view, because minor items are still changing.

4. New Executive Secretary

After many years of extraordinary service to PSA, Peter Asquith will soon be stepping down as Executive Secretary. The Association owes a great debt to Peter for his endeavors over the years. Peter, a note of thanks is grossly insufficient to recognize all you have done, but it is all I can offer here. Thanks also to Christine Kaye for her efforts in your office.

The new Executive Secretary will be George Gale of the University of Missouri, Kansas City. Congratulations, George!

There will be some changes in the operation of the business office. Details on how it will function will be distributed in a future newsletter.


The following members of the Association were elected to office:

Governing Board:      Richard Grandy
                      Daniel Hausman
                      Henry Kyburg
                      Barbara Von Eckardt
Nominating Committee: J. Richard Creath
                      Tim Maudlin
                      Paul Thagard

The Association wishes to express thanks to all nominees for having indicated their willingness to be of service to the Association. The services provided to the Association by the retiring Governing Board Members Penelope Maddy, Linda Wessels and Nominating Committee Members Don Howard, Sandra Mitchell, and Joseph Pitt are also appreciated.

6. Inventory Reduction Sale: PSA Proceedings


The Michigan State University Department of Philosophy will be selling the remainder of the Proceedings volumes. Checks in U.S. Dollars only should be made payable to the Michigan State University.

Return to:

  • Department of Philosophy
  • 503 South Kedzie Hall
  • East Lansing, MI 48824-1032
PSA 1976, Volume 1 (xxiv + 312 pp.)
Edited by Frederick Suppe & Peter D. Asquith
_____ Cloth - $5.00  ISBN 0-917586-02-6

PSA 1978, Volume 1 (xxvi +314 pp.)
Edited by Peter D. Asquith & Ian Hacking
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PSA 1978, Volume 2 (x + 478 pp.)
Edited by Peter D. Asquith & Ian Hacking
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PSA 1980, Volume 2 (xviii + 678 pp.)
Edited by Peter D. Asquith & Ronald N. Giere
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PSA 1982, Volume 1 (xxvi + 414 pp.)
Edited by Peter D. Asquith & Thomas Nickles
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PSA 1982, Volume 2 (xxiv + 730 pp.)
Edited by Peter D. Asquith & Thomas Nickles
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PSA 1984, Volume 1 (xxii + 223 pp.)
Edited by Peter D. Asquith & Philip Kitcher
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PSA 1984, Volume 2 (xxiv + 903 pp.)
Edited by Peter D. Asquith & Philip Kitcher
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PSA 1986, Volume 1 (xxiv + 521 pp.)
Edited by Arthur I. Fine & Peter K. Machamer
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PSA 1986, Volume 2 (xxvii + 338 pp.)
Edited by Arthur I. Fine & Peter K. Machamer
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PSA 1988, Volume 1 (xxvi + 344 pp.)
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PSA 1988, Volume 2 (xviii + 517 pp.)
Edited by Arthur Fine & Jarrett Leplin
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PSA 1990, Volume 1 (xxx + 602 pp.)
Edited by Arthur Fine, Micky Forbes, and Linda Wessels
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PSA 1990, Volume  2 (xx + 575 pp.)
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PSA 1992, Volume 1 (xxx + 552 pp.)
Edited by David Hull, Micky Forbes, and Kathleen Okruhlik
_____ Cloth - $10.00 ISBN 0-917586-33-6

PSA 1992, Volume 2 (xviii + 496 pp.)
Edited by David Hull, Micky Forbes, and Kathleen Okruhlik
_____ Cloth - $10.00 ISBN 0-917586-34-4

PSA 1994, Volume 1 (xxx + 524pp.)
Edited by David Hull, Micky Forbes, and Richard Burian
_____ Cloth - $10.00 ISBN 0-917586-36-0

PSA 1994, Volume 2 (xxii + 457pp.)
Edited by David Hull, Micky Forbes, and Richard Burian
_____ Cloth - $10.00 ISBN 0-917586-37-9





7. Rockefeller Archive Center Grants

For 1997 the Rockefeller Archive Center will have two components to its program of Grants for Travel and Research at the Rockefeller Archive Center. In addition to is regular competitive program that is open to researchers in any discipline engaged in research that requires use of its collections, the Center will award up to ten grants to support research on topics related to the continent of Africa. The competition for these targeted grants will use the same application form and follow the same guidelines as the regular program. Applicants from within the U.S. and Canada may request support of up to $1,500; because of the additional cost of travel, applicants from other nations may request up to $2,000. applicants wishing to be considered for the special grant program on Africa should indicate this in a cover letter. The deadline for applicants is November 30, 1996; grant recipients will be announced in March 1997. For application forms and additional information about the Archive Center's grant programs, contact the director, Darwin H. Stapleton, at the Rockefeller Archive Center, 15 Dayton Avenue, North Tarrytown, New York, NY 10591-1598 or call (914) 631-4505.

8. European Bioethics Seminar

European Bioethics Seminar: Health Care Issues in Pluralistic Societies. August 5-9, 1996, Nijmegen, the Netherlands. The seminar is organized by the International Program in Bioethics Education and Research. Prominent bioethics scholars from different countries will provide participants with both a formal and a practical understanding of contemporary bioethics issues. Special attention will be paid to European traditions in health care ethics. All lectures and prenary sessions will be in English. for more information: Mrs. J. C. M. Felet-de Haard, Catholic University of Nijmegen, 232 Dept. of Ethics, Philosophy & History of Medicine, P.O. Box 9101, 6500 HB, Nijmegen, The Netherlands. Tel: 31.24.3615320. Fax: 31.24.3540254

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