• &HPS
    Integrated History and Philosophy of Science
    Feminist Epistemologies, Methodologies, Metaphysics, and Science Studies
    The International Society for the History of Philosophy of Science
    The International History, Philosophy, and Science Teaching Group
  • INEM
    The International Network for Economic Method
  • IPMR
    International Philosophy of Medicine Roundtable
    The International Society for the History, Philosophy, and Social Studies of Biology
  • ISPC
    The International Society for the Philosophy of Chemistry
  • MAP
    Minorities and Philosophy
  • PMA
    International Association for the Philosophy of Mathematics
  • POSS
    Philosophy of Social Science Roundtable
  • The Society for the Metaphysics of Science
  • SPP
    Society for Philosophy and Psychology
  • SPSP
    The Society for Philosophy of Science in Practice
  • SPT
    The Society for Philosophy and Technology
  • SRPoiSE
    The Consortium for Socially Relevant Philosophy of/in Science and Engineering